March 2021 Dessert Box


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March 2021 Dessert Box
March 2021 Dessert Box


"We are all unique and we are all meant to succeed".

I came across this quote while I was replying a customer enquiry and it has been stuck on my mind ever since. 

Many times, we tend to compare our behind-the-scenes with other's highlight reel. We forgot that we have all different experiences and are wired differently. 

There's no better way to illustrate this point by using everyday ingredients to piece together our March Dessert Box. 

Whether you're an exotic, citrus-like passionfruit, creamy and smooth speculoos or everyone's favourite honey sweet mango, know that there's space in this universe for you to shine, in your very special own way!  

- Charissa, Co-founder of Twenty Grammes

What's included in the box? 

  • Nutty Pistachio Tartlet x1 
  • Thai Mango Pudding Tartlet x1
  • Lychee Berries Tartlet x1 
  • Passionfruit Loaf Cake with Coconut Cream x1 
  • Nutella Chocolate Cupcakes x2
  • Speculoos Cheesecake x2 

[Please note that the dessert box is only applicable for self collection/delivery from 01 March 2021 - 31 March 2021. We reserve the rights to change the box to the following month's edition, should the self collection or delivery date is after 31 March 2021] / [The content of the fairy lights with clear packaging is solely for illustration, it will change according to the box of the month]

March 2021 Dessert Box
March 2021 Dessert Box